The Individual Graft Technique™

With IGT™ which is also known as a follicular unit extraction, each follicular unit is removed individually from the back of the head using a device called Safe Scribe™. This device microscopically separates hair follicles from the skin of the scalp to remove each follicular unit while leaving it intact for transplantation. While IGT is more time consuming and costs approximately 25% more than an FUT transplant, IGT leaves no linear scar, which is often desirable for people who wear their hair extremely short.b-27may2013-01

While many surgeons use a similar method of follicular unit extraction with a Neograft™ extractor, IGT™ and Safe Scribe is superior. The Neograft technique requires that all follicular units be extracted at the beginning of the procedure and then stored in a preservative chemical-often for hours. It is also thought that the Neograft device has a drying effect on the follicles, which can impact their viability. With IGT and the Safe Scribe, each follicle is removed from the donor area and immediately transplanted to the host site. The result is higher graft yields because the grafts have a much higher rate of survival after transplantation.

During the IGT™ procedure, individual follicular unit grafts are excised one at a time using the Safe Scribe™ a tiny one millimeter in diameter (or less) automated instrument. The device is used to make a small circular incision in the skin around the follicular unit. The graft is then extracted directly from the scalp. Typically the patient’s hair in the donor area where these grafts are being removed is cut short or almost shaved so that the hair restoration surgeon can access the follicles with ease. In some cases the procedure can be performed without having to shave the entire donor area.

The small opening left behind after the follicle unit is extracted from the donor site heals in a few days.

Best Candidates for IGT™:

  • Patients who don’t want any visible scarring from the procedure
  • Patients who want to wear their hair any length after the procedure
  • Patient who want the most natural results from each follicle being transplanted one by one
  • Patients who want a thicker, fuller head of hair
  • Patients who want to return back to work the next day
IGT Hair Transplant