Our DiStefano Hair Restoration Center in Rhode Island is located right outside of Providence in Warwick, RI. Options for hair transplants and hair restoration procedures in Rhode Island are limited so we are proud offer the residents a convenient option without having to drive a far or into a different state.

All our hair transplant procedures are performed by Dr. DiStefano Dr. Heinis, who, together, have more than 60 years of combined experience.  Between the two, they have performed more than 9000 hair transplants!

At your consultation, we will customize a treatment plan for you and your type of hair. Everyone’s hair is different so whether it’s Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) or Individual Graft Technique (IGT), we will decide on the treatment that will get you the best results.

Our Rhode Island office is located at 215 Toll Gate Rd #308, Warwick, RI. Use the map below to get directions to our office!