After Your Procedure

The First Weeks

Follicular Unit Transplant

Because hair loss restoration is surgery, 10% of patients can expect some mild swelling at the transplant site for the first few days. Patients can also expect to see very small crusts form at each follicular graft site. These normally slough off by the end of the first week. Any skin redness is usually gone by the first week and the scalp remains slightly pink for another few weeks.

If the patient has received a follicular unit transplant, the sutures at the donor site are removed at about 10 to 14 days. At about three weeks it is perfectly normal to be shedding hairs from the transplant follicular units. This is because the follicular units become temporarily dormant after any transplant procedure.

The First Months

When the dormant period ends, hair loss restoration patients can expect to see some new hairs sprouting from the transplant area of the scalp. The time when this begins to occur varies greatly among patients. But, the average time is around three months. Over time, more and more hairs will sprout and they will be very thin at first and then grow thicker over time.

Six Months to One Year

By six months, the average patient is likely to see considerable new hair growth with about half the new hairs visible above the scalp. At six months about half the hair will be visible above the scalp. At nine months 75% of the hair will be visible. And from 12 to 15 months patients can expect to see the final results of their procedure. The transplanted hair will continue to grow for the rest of the patient’s life. There is no need for special care or new visits to the doctor.