Microscope For Hair Restoration Procedure

With an FUT hair transplant, the follicular units are harvested from a strip of scalp that is removed by the surgeon from the back of the head. The incision is then sutured and it leaves a small linear scar when healed.

A staff member looking into a microscope for a hair restoration procedure at DiStefano Hair Restoration Center in Worcester, MA
Technicians carefully remove the follicular units from the scalp strip by dissecting them under a stereo microscope using a two-stage process. First, they cut the scalp strip into slivers. Then, they dissect the follicular units from those slivers. Technician skill and expertise has a direct effect on how many follicular units are harvested.

At DiStefano, our technicians have worked here for an average of nine years and, under Dr. DiStefano’s training, have honed their craft to increase the overall graft yield from a strip of scalp by approximately one third over the years.

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