Hair Density Transplantation TechniquesA large factor in achieving a natural look and the best hair transplant is governed by hair density. Hair density is measured in follicular units per square centimeter and it varies according to individual and by race. Caucasians normally have the highest hair density (between 90 and 120 follicular units per square centimeter). Those of African descent have the lowest hair density. Other races fall somewhere in between.

Key to achieving density that is aesthetically pleasing is the ability to place follicular units close together. Dr. DiStefano has developed his own cutting device and blades that allow each follicular unit transplant site to be customized for size, depth and angle. Doing this allows for dense packing with the highest level of follicular unit transplant survival.

While it is generally acknowledged that achieving a hair density that is 50% of the scalp’s original density will lead to pleasing results, it depends on other factors. These include race, skin and hair color as well as original density. For some patients, a natural look of density may occur at 30 follicles per square centimeters. For others it can be as high as 50 follicles per square centimeter. The transplantation techniques used at DiStefano allow for density as high as needed-limited only by the size of the donor area. Your doctor will go over hair density prior to surgery and together you will decide the density that is correct for your procedure and required to achieve your goals.