Instaré—for the best hair transplant with the highest density.

For the most part, hair looks best when the hair follicles are packed closely together. The average hair density in a typical healthy scalp varies from 60 to 110 follicles per square centimeter. Most hair transplant surgeons aiming for the best hair transplant possible can only achieve about 30 follicles per square centimeter during one session. The reason it is not higher is because the number is limited the steadiness of the surgeon’s hand.

To achieve greater hair density using traditional methods, you must come back for additional procedures after the original follicles have healed and taken hold.

Thanks to a new medical surgical device called Instaré, developed by Mark DiStefano MD, it is now possible to perform transplants with from 45 to 60 follicles per square centimeter in a single session. The new device makes all themicroscopic surgical recipient sites needed to accept this high number of follicles at a single time.

Instaré offers a number of advantages over traditional methods. First, the patient gets much greater hair density per procedure. Second, the cost is lower because fewer individual procedures are required to achieve the same density. There is less time needed for recovery because there a fewer session. There is also less trauma to the back of the scalp, because only one donor strip of scalp is required as apposed to additional donor strips for multiple sessions.