There is a new tool in the toolbox of the hair restoration surgeon and it’s not surgery.

The new tool is called Plasma Rich Platelet therapy (PRP) with BioD. In this procedure, the hair restoration surgeon takes platelet rich plasma from the patient’s own blood, mixes it with an extracellular matrix allograft called BioD. The hair restoration surgeon then injects the mix just under the scalp where hair growth is desired. PRP has several growth factors that can cause dormant hair follicles to begin growing hair again. BioD contains stem sells, powerful proteins and bio scaffolding that supports cellular growth.

PRP+ BioD has been used in orthopedics, wound care, ophthalmology and oral surgery for years to promote cellular regeneration and healing.

To perform the procedure, the hair restoration surgeon first washes the scalp and measures, marks and photographs the areas where hair growth is desired. Next, the hair restoration surgeon draws about three tablespoons of blood which is quickly processed into PRP using the FDA approved procedures of Autogel or YesPRP and then the BioD is added. After applying an Ouchless™ local anesthetic, the surgeon injects small amounts of PRP with BioD under the scalp where hair growth is needed. The surgeon then uses a micro needling device to create microscopic wounds to the scalp. This initiates platelet growth factor activity.