The Perks of Platelet Rich Plasma

The best hair transplant surgeon understands that for some people, a non-surgical hair loss innovation such as platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, is the best option. What is platelet-rich plasma? Essentially, the platelets and plasma from a patient’s blood are separated and can then be injected just under the patient’s scalp. This therapeutic approach can stimulate the growth of follicles and requires no sedation and limited or nomedication. Not only is it a quick process, but there is no chance of rejection because it involves the patient’s own blood! While results differ for each individual patient, and clinical tests are still being run, the best hair transplant surgeons express that the main purpose of PRP is to strengthen and rejuvenate follicles of thinning hair.

Top hair transplant surgeons also use PRP in combination with newly implanted follicles to stimulate faster growth, or use it on already existing inactive follicles. Platelet cells have been used in the medical field for years due to their ability to stimulate growth, regenerate tissue, and speed up healing. Because this therapy can be used in conjunction with transplant surgeries or on its own, exploring PRP therapy is a must-do when searching for the best hair transplant treatment.